New ride on toy electric bike

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New Ride On Toy Electric Bike




Ride-On Electric Motorbike is a small stylish design. It is made of high-quality material. Dashboard buttons for sound effects. It's a Forward/backward switch for backward and forward direction. The Safety Wheels Bike is operated by a simple foot pedal, just turn the bike on, push down the pedal with your foot and off you go, lift your foot to stop.


This Kids Electric Motorbike is perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing and can easily be used on any hard, flat surface. Our ride-on also includes a small storage compartment, right behind the seat for convenient on-the-go packing for trips to the park or a ride around the neighborhood. This Eye-catching Motorbike is designed not just for its looks but to be safe and easy to use.




  • Item Type: Motorbike
  • Size: 86*67*52cm
  • Color: Red
  • Battery: 6V4 AH single;
  • Motor: 380*1 ;
  • Function: music;
  • Features: Horn, Dashboard buttons for sound effects


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